Incidents and Injuries

Safe center and residential child care settings provide ample opportunities for children to develop their social skills and to be empowered to solve problems while their working parents entrust them to their caregivers.

Because of their natural curiosity and their developing brain and body, children will encounter situations that may cause them harm.


Some of the most common injuries in child care happen on the playground, because of loose and falling objects, or due to items and substances not properly stored.

However, safe environments, appropriate ratios, and active supervision have proven to be paramount in preventing injuries.

Child Care Licensing has established rules to support caregivers in providing foundational health and safety measures. Child care providers are required to give parents a written report of every incident, or injury involving their child and to report to Child Care Licensing any fatality or injury that require medical attention. In the same way, parents should maintain an open communication with caregivers and keep an active initiative to help protect their children. Child Care Licensing, child care providers, and parents must work together to protect children from undue harm.

To view a three-year report about serious injuries and deaths in child care in Utah, please read this reportopens in a new tab.