New Approvals and Exemptions

New DWS FFN Approvals, LE DWS Approvals, License Exemptions, and Child Care Licensing Registrations

DWS is the Department of Workforce Services. FFN is the Family, Friend, & Neighbor Program. LE is License Exempt.

The definition of child care and the criteria for being license exempt are found in the Exemptions Rule.

If the child care you are or will be providing or the program you administer or will be administering does not meet the definition of child care or meets one of the criteria for being license exempt, you may need a DWS FFN Approval, a LE DWS Approval, a License Exemption, or a Child Care Licensing Registration.

  • DWS FFN Approvals are needed for home providers who are not required to have a Family Child Care License or a Residential Certificate or for whom a license or certificate is not available and want to be eligible for DWS child care subsidy payments.
  • LE DWS Approvals are needed for providers who administer programs that are not in a home and are not required to have a Child Care License and want to be eligible for DWS child care subsidy payments and/or DWS grant money from Child Care Development Funds.
  • License Exemptions are needed for the providers and programs listed in the 8-4 section of the Exemptions Rule.
  • Child Care Licensing Registrations are not needed for Child Care Licensing but are needed for some other programs and agencies.

To get a DWS Approval, License Exemption, or Child Care Registration, complete the following steps: