How to File a Complaint

Please read all of the following information before proceeding:

  • By statute, the Department is not allowed to investigate an anonymous complaint. The statute also does not allow us to investigate complaints that allege incidents which occurred more than 6 weeks prior to the report of the incidents.
  • By submitting a complaint, you acknowledge that the information you submit is accurate. If a person knowingly gives false information to Child Care Licensing for the purposes of changing the status of a child care license or certificate, the person giving the false information may be guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor. This does not mean that it is necessary for you to be able to "prove" that the allegation being made is true, only that you do not knowingly give false information in your complaint.
  • To report possible child abuse or neglect, please call the Child Abuse Intake Hotline at 1-855-323-3237.

To file a complaint:

Go to the Online File a Complaint Formopens in a new tab

It is important for you to complete all sections of this form so your complaint can be fully evaluated. If a particular section does not apply to your situation, enter "N/A" (not applicable) in the space.

Call Sue Kirkham, the CCL Complaint Investigator, at 801-707-4188 or call any CCL staff.

Email Sue Kirkham, the Complaint Investigator, at or email any CCL staff.

CCL Contact Information
Once your complaint is reviewed, you may be contacted by someone from Child Care Licensing if more information is needed.

Instructions for filing a complaint can also be found in the How to File a Complaintopens in a new tab video.