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Open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed all state holidays)


Mailing Address:
Child Care Licensing
PO Box 142003
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2003

Location Address:
3760 South Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Toll Free Number:
(888) 287-3704


Homes Licensing Team

Family Licenses and Residential Certificates

Heather Pressey Process Specialist 801-374-7688
Lori Birrell Licensor 385-232-0357
Marcia Crampton
Licensor 435-632-2146
Nicole Folsom
Licensor 801-641-9725
Jolene Holbrook Licensor 385-232-4061
Mindy Palmer Licensor 801-870-3332
Hannah Wally Licensor 385-232-0901
Kim Bond Lead Licensor 385-232-0389
Melinda Young Team Manager 801-721-6496

Centers Licensing Team

Center Licenses, Hourly Center Licenses, and Out of School Time Program Licenses

Lisa Rountree Process Specialist 385-232-0846
Alisha Griffin
Licensor 435-770-2196
Paula Mills
Licensor 385-256-7711
Rosemary Vander Meyden
Licensor 385-232-0836
Mario Cuartas Lead Licensor 385-232-0672
Kim Rice Team Manager 385-232-0745

License Exempt Licensing Team

Family, Friend, & Neighbor DWS Approvals, License Exempt DWS Approvals,
License Exemptions, and CCL Registrations

Cheryl Nak Process Specialist 385-232-4094
Katie Adams Licensor 801-592-5014
Karen Allison Licensor 801-592-5033
Guadalupe Trochez Licensor 385-232-0845
Michele Rice Lead Licensor 385-232-6637
Donna Thomas Team Manager 801-860-2760

Licensing Training Team

Charlotte Woodward Trainer 801-828-8497
Kat Martinez Trainer 801-698-3244
Mario Cuartas Trainer (speaks Spanish) 385-232-0672
Kim Rice Training Supervisor 385-232-0745

Licensing Complaints Team

Sue Kirkham Complaint Investigator Office: 801-273-2895
Cell: 801-707-4188
Simon Bolivar Complaint Supervisor 801-803-4618
Fax: 801-237-0786

Licensing Administrative Team

Jacqueline Macias Support Services Coordinator 385-320-2147
Jennifer Franchow Reports Specialist 385-320-2146
Sarah Atherton Program Coordinator 801-842-1422
Simon Bolivar Program Administrator 801-803-4618
Fax: 801-237-0786
Joel Hoffman Licensing and Certification Bureau Director 801-273-2804

Office of Background Processing & Security

Phone Number:


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