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Why Licensing?

Many Utah families with young children are headed by a single parent or have both parents in the workplace. These families need child care to be self-sufficient. A safe and healthy early childhood setting is critical for both the parents' ability to work and the children's later school and economic success. Child Care Licensing (CCL) ensures the public good by enforcing foundational health and safety standards in child care facilities.

Utah Statute provides CCL the authority to establish and enforce rules under Title 26, Chapter 39. These rules are evidence and research based and are intended to protect the health and safety of children.

The mission of CCL is to support the child care community by protecting the health and safety of children in child care programs we oversee. This is accomplished by: establishing, monitoring, and assessing health and safety standards; training, guiding, and supporting providers in meeting the established standards; and providing the public with accurate information about child care standards, processes, and provider compliance history.

As part of this mission, CCL inspects each facility at least twice every year to verify compliance with health and safety rules and conducts annual criminal and child abuse background checks of everyone who works or lives in a facility where licensed or legally license exempt child care is provided. This prevents individuals with serious criminal records from having access to vulnerable children.

Lastly, CCL investigates complaints of health and safety violations at licensed and legally license exempt facilities. Information about facility inspections and complaints is posted on the program's website, so parents can make informed choices about which provider is best for their family's needs.

CCL adopted the NARA (National Association for Regulatory Administration) Code of Ethics, which requires staff to use their authority with integrity.

All children deserve a safe and healthy environment -- a quality place where they can develop their bodies and minds. Any child care program can use licensing as the foundation for quality.

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