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Here is how to request information from the Child Care Licensing Program:

  • GRAMA Requests. The Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), Title 63G Chapter 2 of the Utah Code, is the records law for the State of Utah. GRAMA defines what a record is and establishes the criteria for accessing government records. This form is not to request Information already available to the public.

  • Facility Records. Use this link to view the compliance history of child care providers.

  • Appeals. Use this form to appeal any decision made by Child Care Licensing.
    If you are a current child care provider, please use your Child Care Licensing Portal to submit an appeal request.
    Submission of this form does not guarantee its approval. Compliance is required during the appeal process.

  • Contact Information. Here is our program's contact list if you need any other information.


For confidentiality purposes, only the Program Administrator sees your comments.

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