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It's critical that child care providers be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Licensing rules require each child care provider have an approved Health and Safety Plan and to follow that plan in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Information about emergency plans, emergency supply kits, potential disasters, and how to get involved in Utah's preparedness efforts can be found at Be Ready Utah.

Another good resource is the video Children First: What To Do When Disaster Strikes. It was made by Save the Children, a Disasters Working Group from the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles and is an overview of the responsibilities of child care providers when planning and preparing for disasters.

Child care providers who have a profile in the Care About Childcare Referral Database are part of the Emergency Alert System. When there is an emergency in their area, they will receive emails and text alerts from local emergency responders. They will also be contacted when emergency responders are doing drills that involve the emergency alert system.

Child Care Licensing has Temporary Operation Standards that outline the steps to follow after a natural or man-made disaster. These steps are to help providers with the continuation of care and to provide support after a catasthophic event.


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