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Policies and Procedures
for Conducting Background Checks


--Utah Statute provides Child Care Licensing (CCL) the authority to perform background checks under Title 26, Chapter 39, Section 404. Statute also gives authority to the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) to perform background checks under Title 35A, Chapter 3, Section 310.5; DWS contracts with CCL to perform background checks. Administrative rules governing these background checks are found in R381-100, R381-60, R381-70, R318-40, R430-90, R430-50, and R430-8.

--Utah is a Compact State.
"Compact States" are states that have ratified the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Act of 1998 in order to facilitate electronic information sharing for noncriminal justice purposes (such as employment) among the Federal Government and states.

--Utah is a NFF State.
The National Fingerprint File (NFF) is a database of fingerprints, or other unique personal identification information relating to an arrested or charged individual, which is maintained by the FBI to provide positive fingerprint identification of record subjects. Only a state or territory that has ratified the Compact (a Compact State) may join the NFF program. Plus we have FBI Rap Back services, which allows us to receive daily criminal activity of individuals in the system.


--CCL conducts background checks on all covered individuals in licensed and legally exempt child care facilities. Covered individuals include all owners, directors, members of the governing body, employees, caregivers, volunteers, individuals 12 years old and older residing in the facility where child care is provided, and anyone who has unsupervised access to children in care.
--Steps for submitting background check forms, fingerprints, and fees can be found at How to Submit Background Check Forms and Fingerprints.

Background Check Components
The CCL background check has 9 components which encompass 4 in-state checks, 2 national checks, and 3 inter-state checks.
--The Utah checks are:

--The national checks are: --The inter-state checks are:
FBI Rap Back Services

--The FBI Rap Back Services is a system through which the FBI will retain the covered individual's fingerprints and provide CCL with daily federal and state reports of any new charges, arrests, warrants, or convictions that match the individual's fingerprints. This process allows CCL the ability to require a covered individual to be fingerprinted only once because of the continuous monitoring of the system.

Background Check Card

--When a new covered individual passes the background check, an electronic Background Check Card will be emailed to the provider.
--Unless it has been more than 180 days since they worked or volunteered at a child care facility in Utah, a covered individual who passed the background check can work or volunteer at any child care facility in Utah after being associated with that facility. When it has been more than 180 days since they worked or volunteered at a child care facility in Utah, they must pass a new background check before becoming involved with children in care.


--All information regarding the covered individual's background check will be kept confidential and no details regarding the check will be released or disclosed over the phone. The provider will be notified if the individual is denied.
--When contacted by other states' child care licensing agencies, CCL will only disclose that an individual passed or did not pass a CCL background check.

Reasons for Not Passing

--Individuals may not pass the background check when they have LIS supported findings, their name appears on the Utah or national sex offender registry, they have any felony convictions, they have any Misdemeanor A convictions, or they have any of the following Misdemeanor B and C convictions: unlawful sale or furnishing alcohol to minors; sexual enticing of a minor; cruelty to animals, including dogfighting; bestiality; lewdness, including lewdness involving a child; voyeurism; providing dangerous weapons to a minor; a parent providing a firearm to a violent minor; a parent knowing of a minor's possession of a dangerous weapon; sales of firearms to juveniles; pornographic material or performance; sexual solicitation; prostitution and related crimes; contributing to the delinquency of a minor; any crime against a person; a sexual exploitation act; leaving a child unattended in a vehicle; and/or driving under the influence (DUI) while a child is present in the vehicle.
--If there is an error on a record or if the record can be expunged, it is the covered individual's responsibility to resolve the matter by contacting the Utah Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Identification. As soon as the matter is resolved, the covered individual must submit a new Background Check Form and legal documentation of the expungement, dismissal, etc.


--An appeal can be requested when an individual does not pass a background check.
--Providers can request appeals through their Child Care Licensing Portal. Individuals can request appeals by submitting an Appeal Request form, which is available on the Child Care Licensing website.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these policies, the Background Check Form, or the background check procedure, contact the Office of Background Processing at 866-320-0513 or

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