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How to Submit
Background Check Forms,
Fingerprints, & Fees

You can watch the videos Background Check Submission and Completing the Background Check Process and/or read below for instructions for completing and submitting background check forms, fingerprints, and fees

Background Check Forms must be submitted annually for each covered individual. Following are the steps for submission:
1. The covered individual 18 years old and older or the parent/guardian of a covered individual younger than 18 years old completes and submits the Background Check Form to the provider.
To do this, the covered individual or the parent is to:

  • Go to, the Background Checks tab, and click "Background Check Form". (Be sure to be logged out of the Child Care Licensing Portal.)
  • Complete and submit the Background Check Form to the provider.

  • 2. The provider authorizes the Background Check Form through the Child Care Licensing Portal. Forms are not submitted to CCL until they are authorized.
    To do this, the provider is to:
    • Go to and log in. The username is the provider's email address. When a password is needed, click "Reset your password" or "contact your local Care About Childcare Agency".
    • Click "Providers" and then click "Child Care Licensing Portal".
    • In the Child Care Licensing Portal, click "Background Checks".
    • In the Pending Checks for Covered Individuals section, click "Authorize" after the name of the covered individual.

    • 3. The provider or the covered individual pays the $18.00 background check fee and, when required, the $32.00 fingerprint processing fee. (Family, Friend & Neighbor providers are not required to pay the background check fee but are required to pay the fingerprint processing fee.)
      The provider or the covered individual is to choose any of the following payment methods:
      • Make a secure online credit card payment by going to and clicking "Payments". A $2.00 processing fee will be charged per transaction. Payments will be processed on the following CCL business day.
      • Make a phone credit card payment by calling 801-374-7688, 801-273-2903, 801-273-6617, or 801-273-2904. Please leave a message if no one answers.
      • Mail or hand-deliver a check or money order payable to the "Utah Department of Health" to a CCL office.
      • Hand-deliver cash in the exact amount to a CCL office.

      • 4. When required, the covered individual gets and submits fingerprints to CCL. (See the requirements listed on the Background Check form.)
        • When Live Scan (electronic) fingerprints will be done, the covered individual first completes a Live Scan Fingerprint Authorization Form.
          ---Covered individuals involved with Alternative Care (Food Program) providers are to complete the Alternative Care/Food Program Form.
          ---Covered individuals involved with CCL providers (those regulated by Child Care Licensing) are to complete the Child Care Licensing (CCL) Form.
        • After completing the Live Scan Fingerprint Authorization Form, the covered individual is to make a copy of the form and send the copy to CCL.
        • The covered individual can go to a police department, a public safety building, or another Fingerprinting Location for fingerprints. (Be sure to check the hours of operation for the chosen location.)
          ---When Live Scan (electronic) fingerprints are done, the covered individual is to present a valid government-issued photo identification and give the completed Live Scan Fingerprinting Authorization Form to the technician.
          ---When fingerprint cards are done, the covered individual is to mail or hand deliver the card to a CCL office.

        • If you have questions or concerns regarding these steps, the Background Check Form, or the background check procedure, call the Office of Background Processing & Security at 866-320-0513 or email them at


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