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Welcome to the Utah Child Care Licensing Program!

Vision: Access to safe, healthy child care for Utah families.

Mission:To support working parents by protecting the health and safety of children in child care programs we oversee. This is accomplished by:

  • Establishing and assessing health and safety standards.
  • Training and supporting providers in meeting the established standards.
  • Providing the public with accurate information about these child care programs.



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CCL Phase 4 Temporary Conditions

We are now in Phase 4 of our health and recovery plan. Child care providers are to adhere to the conditions outlined in the Phase 4 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter/Face 4, Condiciones de Emergencia Temporales Para Proveedores. Child care providers are welcome to post or distribute the Parent Letter so parents are aware of these emergency conditions.
Per the email sent on 11/20/2020, child care providers are not required to exclude a child from care if the child is unable to wear a face mask or refuses to wear a face mask at all times. Child care staff are to wear a face mask and regularly encourage children to wear face masks. Providers will not receive a violation if Child Care Licensing staff see a child without a face mask.

Immunization Report Reminder for
Licensed and Certified Providers

You are required to submit your Annual Immunization Report by November 30, 2020. On October 6th, you received an email explaining this year's paperless submission process and to submit your report through the School and Childcare Immunization Reporting System. If you fail to submit your report by November 30th, you will receive a High Risk Rule Violation, which will be part of your public record. Please contact Nasrin Zandkarimi at or 801-538-9450 or your licensor with questions about the report.

CCL Compliance Grant

To submit documents, such as receipts, for your grant, please save the document as a PDF and submit it through your Child Care Licensing Portal.
Processing your grant application is a long process and multiple inquires about the status of your money delays that process. Please realize we are working through this process as quickly as possible and you will receive you money as soon as we complete the process.

New Home and Center Rules

The proposed home and center rules went into effect September 1, 2020. These rules can be found on the Rules and Requirements page.

CCL Fee Adjustments -
Effective July 1, 2020

As passed in H.B. 8 in the 2020 General Legislative Session, the New and Renewal Licensing Fee increase is from $31 to $62. As passed in S.B. 5001 in the 2020 Fifth General Legislative Session, the Background Check Fee increase is from $18 to $20. Due to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the "CARES Act" (Public Law 116-136), the background check fee will continue to be waived until further notice.

CCL Updates

For now, the $20 background check fee is not required. Fingerprints and the $33.25 fingerprint processing fee are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

In coordination with Child Care Licensing, the Office of Child Care created the following Child Care and COVID-19 FAQ documents: Frequently Asked Questions for Parents; Frequently Asked Questions for Providers; Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses; and Frequently Asked Questions for Schools. The information in these documents will be updated frequently and you can check back regularly for the latest information.

CCL Temporary COVID-19 Closures

To see the number of child care facilities that have temporarily closed due to COVID-19, go to the COVID-19 Temporary Closure Report. This report is updated daily.

Utah Updates

For the latest information about the Coronavirus in Utah, go to


From Surviving to Thriving - Creating a Way Forward in Challenging Times (a free video series) (08/2020)

Proposed Rule Changes Summary (07/2020)

Proposed Rule Changes (07/2020)

CCL Phase 3 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter (05/2020)

CCL Phase 2 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter (04/2020)

Child Care Provider Bill of Rights (05/2020)

CCL Phase 1 Emergency Conditions Provider Letter (03/2020)

Preschool Programs Draft Rules (02/2020)

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